What is ‘Home Watch’, Why is It Important and What Locations or Geographic Areas do They Cover?

A-Z Home Watch Coverage areas: North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Juno Beach and more

May 31, 2022

What is ‘Home Watch’, Why is It Important and What Locations or Areas do They Cover?

What is Home Watch?

Definition of Home Watch – The visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

From housesitting to caretaker, property watch and house check, looking after someone’s home goes by many names. Regardless of what it is called or how people think of it, an organization providing certified “Home Watch” services performs scheduled inspections of unoccupied or vacant properties while the owner is away and A-Z Home Watch Solutions is one such company. They are accredited, bonded and insured as well as certified by exam to make certain their customers get the highest and most professional levels of service.

To give you an idea about how inspections work, they include everything from a basic check of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, to various other systems and overall condition of the home and property. In addition to their 21-point checklist, A-Z Home Watch provides a laundry list of concierge services as you’ll see outlined below and we encourage you to learn more about all the services they provide by clicking here.

A-Z Home Watch Coverage areas: North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter FL & more

A-Z Home Watch Coverage areas: North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Juno Beach Florida and more

  • Auto transport arrangements coast to coast and worldwide
  • Auto attention (must be registered/insured)
  • Key holder services for delivery, vendors, contractors, guest arrivals/departures
  • Storm check/preparation/post storm check/damage control
  • Home open and close preparation
  • Package receipt and forwarding
  • Grocery Shopping – prepare for you and/or your guests to arrive
  • Cleaning service – provide choices, schedule and key-in
  • Owner request for emergency visits
  • And many other customized services from A-Z tailored to your needs

Why is Home Watch important?

Are you traveling back to your primary home or simply going to visit friends or family for a few days or weeks? A-Z Home Watch can help make sure your vacation home is safe and in working order while you’re away. Whether you are seasonal homeowners, frequent travelers, vacation rental homeowners during off season, or anyone who may need their home looked after in their absence, hiring a “live in house sitter” may not be the right choice. In fact, most of us have no real affinity for a stranger living in our home unless they’re close friends or family. Read more about why hiring a professional Home Watch company provides not only peace of mind but also a highly responsive, professional and caring team that will go above and beyond to keep your home in its best possible condition.

Where does A-Z Home Watch Provide Services?

We are happy to provide service in the Southeast Florida region, specifically in the Northern Palm Beach County market and additional areas mentioned below.  A-Z Home Watch Solutions is a family owned and operated professionally accredited National Home Watch Association business whose goal is to “take care of things” when the home owner is unable to do so. In this busy world that affords many families multiple residences and/ or extensive travel, peace of mind and convenience are the two ingredients that create a worry-free lifestyle. In providing peace of mind, our goal is to do everything we can to ‘have your back’.

  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • North Palm Beach, FL
  • Juno, FL
  • Jupiter, FL
  • Jupiter Island, FL
  • Tequesta, FL
  • Singer Island, FL

More about Doris & Artie Fink from A-Z Home Watch

Deeply entrenched in the Northern Palm Beach County Florida community, Doris and Artie launched A-Z Home Watch Solutions with the seasonal resident, absentee property owner and/or busy traveler in mind. They are also proud members of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) and  Doris and Artie have been extremely active members, participating in their last conference and earning the Certified Home Watch Professional designation. which places them among the elite in the Home Watch industry and shows their commitment to providing excellent service to their clients. Doris is also on the NHWA’s Advisory Board and is a Home Watch Boot Camp instructor, training several new members this year already! Check out our Facebook page for more stories and follow us today.

Interested in learning more and meeting Doris and Artie? Contact us today for your free consultation or watch some of our videos today to hear more about Home Watch, various topics associated with vacation homes and testimonials.

Written by Doris Fink

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