About A-Z Home Watch Solutions

Our Home Watch Services



  • Check/adjust thermostats and humidistats
  • Check AC filter/change air filter if necessary and supplied
  • Check electrical panel for any tripped breakers, reset, and report.
  • Inspect all windows and doors to confirm they are secured and undamaged.
  • Check for evidence of mold, mildew, rodents, pests, unusual odors.
  • Check ceilings and skylights for signs of roof leaks.
  • Check security system and smoke detectors.
  • Visually check hot water heater for leaks.


  • Short cycle dishwasher and washing machine to clear lines and prevent seals from drying.
  • Run faucet and disposal to check for leaks under/around the sink.
  • Check refrigerator (adjust temp, keep opened/closed per owner instructions).
  • Run water through drinking water filters.
  • Inspect cabinets for signs of rodents, pests, and leaks


  • Run water in plumbing fixtures to remove stagnant water, refill traps, and check for leaks
  • Inspect cabinets for signs of rodents, pests, leaks, and mold


  • Clear mailbox, remove solicitations and newspapers.
  • Monitor landscaping, lawn, and irrigation systems.
  • Check for hose leaks, damage, unusual odors, and signs of pests.
  • Inspect screening on windows and lanai for damage.
  • Check pool/hot tubs if applicable (water level, visually clear, leaks).
  • Serve as local emergency contact for law enforcement and utility companies.

Concierge Choices

  • Auto transport arrangements coast to coast and worldwide
  • Auto attention (must be registered/insured)- drive car 10-15 miles
  • Key holder services for delivery, vendors, contractors, guest arrivals/departures
  • Storm check/preparation/post storm check/damage control
  • Home open and close preparation
  • Package receipt and forward
  • Grocery Shopping – prepare for you and/or your guests to arrive
  • Cleaning service – provide choices, schedule and key-in
  • Owner request for emergency visits
  • And many other customized services from A-Z tailored to your needs

Our Service Pledge

Our pledge to you is to visit your property consistently while you are away to include the 21 Point Checklist above and provide any of the special concierge services we have jointly agreed upon that fit your personal needs! In addition, we will keep you informed of each visit via email and will provide photos of any concerns we may have that need your attention.

Under a jointly agreed upon “Residential Agreement” we provide visual inspections to a home to spot obvious issues. A-Z Home Watch Solutions only uses accredited, insured and bonded personnel and recommends you are careful to choose only qualified trades people that are licensed, insured and bonded for the repair and maintenance of your homes.

Our Fee Schedule

Our professional Home Watch and Concierge services are affordable and are based upon your personal needs. We would be happy to visit your home and design a plan just for you and your property.

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Areas We Serve

  • Singer Island
  • North Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • Juno
  • Jupiter
  • Jupiter Island
  • Tequesta