Tracy Roland Brackett

“Trustworthy and professional family business. Top Notch!”

RF, Jupiter, FL

“A number of years ago I bought a condo in Jupiter in anticipation of spending a fair amount of time in Florida when I wasn’t traveling. The condo was beautiful, especially after my daughter decorated it. Having since retired, I was spending the majority of my time in four locations in different states. The maintenance person at the complex agreed to look after the condo, send me the mail, and maintain the car, all for a quite small monthly payment. What a bargain! Things seemed fine for a while until he got distracted for whatever reason. The mailbox overflowed so the post office returned the mail to the senders rather than forward it to me. This created a slew of problems with social security, Medicare, IRS, insurance companies, HOV and other bills which took me months to fix with many late fees. The bargain turned into a disaster.
A person working for me on a project found A-Z Homewatch Solutions. After research and phone interviews, he recommended that I engage them despite the increased dollar cost. I say dollar cost because Doris and Artie’s top-notch service resolved all our condo issues – what a great deal for us. I now have peace of mind (except for seasonal hurricane worries that I asked Artie to solve). Family health issues recently changed my retirement plans so I looked at selling the condo to simplify things despite how much I love being there. Without a doubt, Doris and Artie’s professionalism and care, has made it so easy and brought peace of mind about the condo that we have decided to keep it. Who knows, when Artie eliminates the hurricanes we may convert to a house. I’m tempted to say that A-Z is the real bargain – but I don’t want to stimulate a rate increase.
As a general practice I avoid endorsements, but in A-Z’s case I have no reservations.”

Flo, Jupiter, FL

“Got new people to be thankful for this year! If you need someone to watch your place, go for the BEST in the business. We are “snowbirds” and have used various other folks to check on our property in the Jupiter area. A-Z Home Watch Solutions came into our lives and there will be no looking back. The weekly reports reassured us and when we arrived, everything was in order, nice and clean and maintained the feeling of “HOME” that we love.
Wonderful, caring people who are highly trained pros at what they do! Priceless!!!!

Colleen, Jupiter, FL

“Hi Doris and Artie! Thank you again for taking great care of our home away from home!! Chris and I were so pleased with your help. I’ll let you know what’s going on and when we’ll need your services Enjoy your evening and Thank your again”

Stephanie Lanza, Jupiter, FL

“Our family had to leave for an unexpected trip and we were very concerned about leaving our home on such short notice for an unknown amount of time. Artie and Doris with the fabulous A-Z Home Watch Solutions came to our rescue. They provided such professional service and expertly handled all of our last minute requests with care and urgency.
It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend their “peace of mind” service to my family and friends. We will definitely use A-Z Home Watch Solutions again!”

Jack Maitland

“You couldn’t find two more honest, dependable, and committed people than Doris and Artie Fink to take care of your home when you’re away from home. I’ve known them for over 20 years.”

Kathie & Bill

“Thank you for the wonderful care of our home in our absence. You have provided us with complete peace of mind with the utmost professionalism & always with a smile. We look forward to catching up once we get settled in & catch our breath. Have a great evening.”

Dee DeLuca, Jupiter, FL

“Doris and Artie Fink, of A-Z Home Watch, are real gems. They bring decades of business expertise to their work, know how to navigate challenging situations and have the highest professional standards. Anyone who works with them is truly blessed. We could not maintain the level of satisfaction with the guests at our vacation rental without them. You can reach out and speak with them about any concern, anytime. I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job than Doris and Artie.
I would be delighted to personally be available to speak with anyone considering their services. Keep up the good work!”

Ken Wright

“Artie and Doris both are very knowledgeable, with lots of experience. They always go out of their way to help. We highly recommend them in any way that they can. We feel much better when we are out of town, knowing that they are keeping an eye on our home.”