Hurricane Services

As part of our accredited, professional home watch solutions services, we offer our clients not only year round peace of mind but an educated process for the safety and protection of their properties during Hurricane season. Some of our clients are fortunate to enjoy the benefit of impact glass. However, there is more to storm prep than simply shutters.

Pre-storm services include:

  • Removal of all furniture and exterior items that could cause damage to people or structures – i.e. furniture from balconies
  • Removal of all perishables from refrigerator and freezer
  • Following instructions from owner and AC vendor regarding status of AC during a storm
  • Photos of the property to show storm preparation completed

Constant communication with the client to allay their fears and keep them informedPost-storm services include:

Post-storm services include:

  • Visit to property as quickly as it is safe and client properties are accessible
  • Photos of all visible damage
  • Visual inspection of AC, breakers and electronics
  • Owner alert to status of power
  • At owner’s discretion notification of vendors necessary for evaluation and damage repair
  • Oversee any major issues as result of storm at direction of property owner
  • At owner’s discretion, timing of return of furniture etc. to balconies or property

After living in South Florida year round for the past 50+ years, we are well attuned to the needs and preparation necessary to protect property. In addition to this, we are ACCREDITED, INSURED AND BONDED members of the National Home Watch Association. This accreditation provides additional consumer protection as a governing body.

We understand that property managers are inundated with phone calls and building policies and procedures to prepare for an upcoming storm.

We work in conjunction with them to ease their burden and add an extra layer of protection for owners and overall property.

Areas We Serve

  • Singer Island
  • North Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • Juno
  • Jupiter
  • Jupiter Island
  • Tequesta