November 22, 2022

Have you decided that while you are away for the hot summer months enjoying the northern climate of your primary residence this would be a perfect time for you to hire a contractor?
Did you want to complete some of those projects that you have had in mind since you purchased your FL vacation home?
It makes perfect sense and the time to get it done is while you are away to avoid the construction mess and headaches!
But how can you be at your residence and your vacation home at the same time?
Enter A-Z Home Watch Solutions into your life! No worries! No hassle!
I remember any time we built a new home or had work done in our home we were always at the site to oversee the contractor’s work. Wild horses could not keep us away because it was THAT important. Sure it was a hassle but we did not have a Home Watch company looking after this for us.
Our visits to check on the project during this time are extremely important for your peace of mind. We can visit your unoccupied property, ensure the contractor showed up, cleaned up (workers tend to eat lunch inside their job site), and locked up. We will then inform you of the progress they are making. We’ll send a report with photos from the visit and call you immediately if anything appears to be wrong.
As exciting as that new kitchen or bathroom sounds we have no doubt you need to get a glimpse of the progress and know that the work is progressing as planned.
If you have more improvements planned for next summer and you typically have every other week home watch visits on a normal year, we would strongly encourage you to change to weekly while you renovate. Put your mind at ease and enjoy your time away. Take the hassle out of wondering what was accomplished up to this point.

Written by Doris Fink

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