5 ways to Get Your Vacation Home Ready for Your Arrival

5 ways to Get Your Vacation Home Ready for Your Arrival

October 19, 2021

5 ways to Get Your Vacation Home Ready for Your Arrival

Not sure how to get your vacation home ready for your next trip? We not only inspect your home to make sure things are in working order, we also have a full suite of concierge services we provide to our clients. See the top five things our clients have us do before they arrive at their vacation home.

5 ways to Get Your Vacation Home Ready for Your Arrival

5 ways to Get Your Vacation Home Ready for Your Arrival

1. Help Get Your Home Cleaned

Whether you’ve been away for a 10 days or 10 weeks, it’s nice to come home to a clean and fresh environment. From the showers to the kitchen, things can get icky. We’re happy to help schedule your cleaning group and meet them onsite to let them in, as well as to go back and make sure things are in order once they’ve left.

2. Turn on the Water

It’s important when you’re leaving your home for a period of time to make sure the water is turned off. Why? Because if a pipe bursts, there’s a leak or any other plumbing failure, the damage can be minimized. Turning off the main water supply to your home is the best defense against flooding caused by these potential issues and if a leak does pop up, the line will be under some initial pressure, but it will not continue to spray water. When you’re ready to head back to your vacation home, let us know ahead of time and we can turn the main water back on before you arrive.

3. Stock the Kitchen

Who wants to come home to an empty cupboard or have to go grocery shopping after a long drive or flight? Our goal is to get you to that relaxed place as soon as possible, as such we’re happy to do the shopping and stock some staples in your fridge. You provide the list; we’ll get the fridge ready.

4. Receive packages / Mail

Depending on how long a client may be gone, they may stop their mail. Others may send items to their homes in advance. From clothes to toiletries, we all have the things we love to surround ourselves with and your vacation home should be no different.

The postal service will hold your mail for a minimum of three days, but not more than 30 days. And you can choose to either have all the accumulated mail delivered to your mailbox on the day you return, or they’ll hold it for you to pick up at the post office.

Let us know if you’re shipping packages or if you’re having bulk mail sent to your vacation home and we can stop by to bring everything in. Whether it’s for our normal visit or additional trip, we can bring in any packages, as well as the mail, before you arrive to avoid theft and weather damage.

5. Final Check

Whether you’ve got packages coming in last minute, want to make sure the car starts or simply want the AC at a certain temperature, we will make one last visit to be certain everything is looking great for your return.

We’re ready to help make sure your home is ready when you arrive, check out the full list of services on our website and contact us today for your free evaluation.

Written by Doris Fink

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