Hope on the horizon

December 17, 2020

Hope on the horizon

2020 has certainly been a unique year worldwide.

Where we’re located in Northern Palm Beach County FL, the A-Z Home Watch Solutions team cares for many clients’ vacation homes and provides a variety of services to meet each owner’s needs. Some of these are very unique and we are happy to accommodate!

As we began this year, we could never have anticipated what was in store for all of us. Many of our clients faced travel challenges, others were unable to return to their primary residences and forced to cancel travel and vacation plans, ultimately unable to make the trip back to Florida to enjoy their vacation home(s).

As time passed, social isolation in communities became a necessity due to safety concerns, which in turn led to loss of connection with family and friends…where fun activities and social gatherings (excitedly anticipated) were put on hold.

In the eyes of Homeland Security and local authorities, A-Z Home Watch Solutions was designated an essential service. With masks, gloves and booties in hand, we set out to perform our home watch visits with care and continue providing our highest level of service to a unique and wonderful client base.

Constant communication with owners is always essential and this year it was paramount. Last minute scheduling changes to departure and arrival dates became routine, so it was, and continues to be, important to us that we alleviate and address any needs or concern(s) regarding their property in a timely and efficient manner.

The use of technology solutions such as Zoom, Duo, Facetime and more allowed us to conduct face-to-face meetings and create a more personal connection with our clients. Additionally, we have embraced these technologies as a way to communicate with potential clients so that they can “meet us” prior to signing on with us to care for their homes.

Our message for this year is hope for the future.

With the advent of a vaccine on the horizon and continued science helping us understand the virus, we are hopeful that people and their families can get back to some sense of normalcy and visit their vacation homes again soon.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy holiday season filled with good health and connection with loved ones, we will be here to alleviate any concerns about your vacant property currently under our care.

We remain grateful for your business today and for many tomorrows. Have a joyous new year and rejoice for 2021!

Written by Doris Fink

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