Dead car battery? Leaky roof? A-Z Home Watch has it covered.

January 14, 2021

Dead car battery? Leaky roof? A-Z Home Watch has it covered.

By Doris Fink ~ January, 13th 2021

First, let us say happy New Year to you all! We hope you had a safe and joyous holiday season.

Second, we wanted to give you some great examples of the work we do. At A-Z Home Watch Solutions, we deal with almost any scenario you can imagine when it comes to watching our clients’ homes and properties while they’re away. It is the very reason absentee owners need a professional home watch service and allows us to feel good about our work! Last week we had two very diverse situations occur, check out the scenarios and solutions below.

Client #1 – Over the years, prior to hiring A-Z, this client’s standard practice was to leave their car in the garage when not using their vacation home. We always do our best to honor our client’s request but at the same time we want to educate them as to best practices. The A-Z team let them know that simply pulling the car out to the driveway and running it for a short period of time would probably not be enough to keep the battery charged over the summer, unless they left it on a battery trickle charge. They decided to go with pulling the car into the driveway and letting it run for a bit every other week.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep the battery healthy and it was dead at our last visit prior to the client’s return. Timing-wise, we found the car unable to start the weekend before client’s husband was flying in and hoped to have the car running upon his return. A-Z Home Watch was able to be there the Monday morning following that same weekend of finding the issue, call AAA and have the battery replaced thatmorning on time for his arrival. From the first call over the weekend, to resolution Monday morning, we were able to assess the problem, turn things around quickly and get the car back up and running with AAA’s help in no-time.

Client #2 – During a regular home watch visit (scheduled every other week), A-Z Home Watch Solutions discovered water present on guest bathroom floor. The origination of the leak is still under investigation by property management and the client’s selected roofer. To verify that it’s a roof leak, they want their roofer there right after it rains. As such, A-Z Home Watch has been assisting the family (who lives up north) in documenting the events and coordinating their chosen vendors to handle the assessment of where the leak originated. Additionally, we’ve been assisting with other considerations such as mold assessment, testing, demolition and more.

Throughout the process, A-Z Home Watch Solutions has been acting as the ongoing liaison between the client family and these vendors in effort to help resolve the damages as quickly as possible. As part of our efforts, we’ve been able to help provide them with appropriate documentation for their insurance and property managements companies using photos (date and time stamped) and documenting each visit, as well as provided key access and closure for assorted vendors. Communication and facilitation of these essential tasks is paramount in challenging situations like this and A-Z has it covered. We understand that unexpected issues can be frustrating (and often very stressful), our client has been grateful to have boots on the ground here in Florida and a competent team to handle the situation, providing peace of mind for the family as they continue to deal with this issue.

As you can see from the detail above, two very different situations occurred and we were able to resolve and/or manage them in timely and a satisfactory fashion. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your home watch needs – reach out for your free evaluation today!

Written by Doris Fink

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