Getting to know Artie, Co-Founder of A-Z HomeWatch

Co-Founder Artie Fink talks about HomeWatch & a funny story

August 25, 2021

Getting to know Artie Fink, Co-Founder of A-Z HomeWatch

In a recent chat with Artie, we asked some key questions about HomeWatch…and got a funny story in the process.

  1. Why National HomeWatch Association (NHWA)?

We wanted a professional business and to us that meant finding a legitimate company with training, detailed information and ongoing support. The NHWA offered all of this and more from industry veterans, as well as liability insurance specific to HomeWatch. This provided a comfort level we needed to launch the best possible way.

  1. So, what makes A-Z HomeWatch different? Why shouldn’t people utilize family, friends or neighbors to look after their homes? A-Z HomeWatch is an accredited, family owned and operated professional Home Watch business created to serve the Northern Palm Beach County, Florida market.

A. It’s not their profession, it’s an obligation and their lives could get in the way.

B. These folks can rarely help out on a regular/reliable schedule. Again, they have lives and will schedule your house around themselves, families and events. It’s nothing personal, just life.

C. This is all about mitigating risk…accidents, issues and mother nature happen. When these events do occur, it requires detailed documentation which includes date and time stamps for insurance purposes.

As you consider your best route, ask them the definition of HomeWatch and what it takes to watch a home, then compare it to our 21-point checklist and see how they equate.

  1. What do you love about your A-Z HomeWatch business?

I’m a people person and able to provide peace of mind to property owners when they can’t be at their homes in person. A big plus is that Doris and I make a great team, with very important roles for the company. I’m the operations guy and she’s the presenter, the admin and the communicator. Not to mention our fantastic clients, we feel very lucky to have such wonderful customers.

The Southeast Florida area is a Perfect market…and I like to keep busy.  It never feels like work.

  1. Tell us a funny story about something you’ve encountered in your HomeWatch business.

Sometimes clients forget to notify us when they are back in town and occupying their homes, which can be interesting when we stop by to do our regular check-ups. We always announce ourselves before entering with a knock and call out “HomeWatch”…

So, in one of these instances, I did our usual “knock and call out” before entering and opened the door to begin the inspection. As I entered, I walked into the kitchen and there he was…on the phone, in his birthday suit. He hadn’t heard me knock or call out, so we both ended up being a bit embarrassed. Ultimately able to laugh about it but we both turned a light shade of red.

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Written by Doris Fink

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