The Development of Mold Problems

March 22, 2016

In Florida, mold can be a serious problem especially in homes that may be empty for some period of time like a vacation home.  Preventing mold in a home closed up for a period of time is not difficult to do as long as proper steps are taken to prepare your home.
A serious problem like a plumbing or roof leak is not required for mold to develop.  Humidity and condensation are the real concerns because they are virtually invisible and do not get the immediate attention that a leak would.  Inadequate heating in winter or cooling in the summer can create enough moisture to start mold growth without any other problem being present.

When humidity rises and falls with the changes in weather and a house is closed, things happen that do not happen when people are there.  With all the “energy-saving” design improvements made in homes, you are essentially putting your home in a sealed storage bag.  Saving money by turning off the heat or cooling creates an active incubator for mold growth.  The longer the situation exists, the more time mold has to grow and create problems that prove to be more expensive to remedy than to prevent.  This mold can be hidden inside the walls of your home for months and not be visible until the mold has worked its way to the surface.

Minimizing the Chance of Mold

Mold needs a very specific environment to thrive and when steps are taken to avoid creating that environment there is a better chance of avoiding the situation.  To reduce the likelihood, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Keep the humidity in your home below 60%.
  2. Make sure none of the air conditioning vents are blocked even partially.
  3. Add a dehumidifier.  This can be done as an upgrade to your air conditioning system or using a portable model.
  4. Watch for standing water around sinks, hot water tanks, refrigerators and washers.
  5. Hire a home watch services company to check your home periodically

What a Home Watch Service Can Do to Help You

When you have a bonded and insured Home Watch Services Company, like A-Z Home Watch Solutions, checking your property,  steps can be taken to minimize the growth of mold.  This is even a recommendation by many mold remediation companies.  A-Z Home Watch Solutions provides periodic checks of your home for conditions that lead to the growth of mold and other situations that could prove harmful to your home’s appearance, structure or grounds.  Contact us for a free consultation fill out the form on this page.

Written by Doris Fink

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