January 26, 2024

From the desk of Doris Fink- January 2024 – HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

In 2015, Artie and I made the decision to launch what would be the perfect retirement business for our next chapter.  Never did we anticipate the depth to which we were about to make this commitment. Having been in business previously, for ourselves but not by ourselves (we are strong believers in TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More), I quickly scanned the internet for resources in an industry that at that time I was not certain existed!

In 2015 people said “what kind of business is it to flush toilets, run water in sinks, and be sure the AC is working!”

Our search turned up a trade organization already in process.  At that time it had about 100 members mostly in FL.  The National Home Watch Association allowed us to offer our clients the Gold standard in the industry.  Today the NHWA is approaching 600 members across the US and Canada (note we can refer you to professionals in areas of your primary residence) and growing.  All of the members are background checked, insured and bonded in order to become accredited and many have passed a stringent certification exam.

From a little retirement business (we are strong believers in “Our thoughts become things”, we were given the tools, training and shared knowledge to not only look for obvious issues in unoccupied homes and condos, but more importantly have the wherewithal to handle these issues in a professional manner, know when and in what order to act, call our client, call for help and have the data to back this all up.

Quick recap of our 2023 season- hottest year in recorded history! 

A-Z home Watch Solutions discovered backed up AC condensate lines, some with flooding, in 19 clients’ residences, power failures that led to issues in 5 more and 2 major condo floods originating in upstairs condos.  Did I mention termite infestation inside a client’s couch?

It’s not if, it’s when issues occur in unoccupied homes!  When hiring someone to care for your vacation home check out their training and experience!


Written by Doris Fink

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