We love our Co-Founder, Doris Fink. Who Will You honor for Women’s History Month?

a-z home watch owners, then & now

March 30, 2022

We love our Co-Founder, Doris Fink. Who Will You honor for Women’s History Month?

a-z home watch owners, then & now

From 1987 to 2022, their business is going strong!

In honor of women’s history month, A-Z Home Watch would like to recognize its co-founder, Doris Fink. Like so many other amazing women, she has had a lengthy and successful career, balancing that with the joys of family and life. Check out this “then/now” image of Doris and Artie from when they first started their entrepreneurial journey together.

How would it feel to be asked ” what are your hobbies?” and the first answer that comes to mind is ‘ MY LIFE’S WORK”! For over 20 years, Doris considers herself fortunate enough to be one of those people who can sincerely answer from the heart that she loves what she does! The opportunity to get up every day, rolling into her home office and finding her “happy place” has been one of the greatest joys and accomplishments of her life (her family and children included of course!).

Since 1987, Doris has been blazing the field as a female entrepreneur. With her husband Artie, they started a Mail Boxes Etc. franchise and ran it for just over 10 years. Their business saw much success and they decided to sell it and move on to other opportunities. Doris then met a man named Uwe Brettman, which would set her on a new course for business ownership. Together, they started and grew Personal Business Advisors (PBA) for almost 18 years. With her background in franchising and love of working with and connecting with people, she found that PBA was a perfect fit. In this role, she focused on the executive community by offering career alternatives and business ownership opportunities designed to allow the executive to explore various possibilities that align with their personal, professional and financial goals.

As she continued to grow PBA, networking within her local community in Palm Beach County Florida, she also realized that many of these traveling executives and local neighbors also needed help watching their homes while away or when they were heading back to their primary residence. With that discovery, she and Artie started looking into the National Home Watch Association (NHWA), a trade organization focused on the young home watch industry and another business was born! In 2015 they started the business part-time and it grew so quickly, Artie decided to jump in full-time.

Throughout her career, Doris has continued to build and grow with one main focus. She loves helping people! Artie’s background in operations management in the transportation industry, pest control and commercial air sanitization control alongside Doris’ background in management consulting and executive training, provides the perfect combination to support and grow their business.

More about Doris & Artie Fink from A-Z Home Watch

As longtime Florida residents, Doris and Artie Fink, deeply entrenched in the northern Palm Beach County community, have launched A-Z Home Watch Solutions with the seasonal resident, absentee property owner and busy traveler in mind. They are proud members of the National Home Watch Association.  A-Z Home Watch Solutions wants to be certain this company upholds the Gold standard in the industry with proper accreditation, bonding and insurance along with proper home watch education and the benefit of globally shared industry knowledge.

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Written by Doris Fink

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