Getting to Know Doris, Our Co-Founder (Part 1)

Doris Fink leads National Home Watch Training Boot Camps

December 17, 2021

Getting to Know Doris, Our Co-Founder (Part 1)Doris Fink leads National Home Watch Training Boot Camps

As the Co-Founder of A-Z Home Watch, Doris Fink is constantly on the go. From taking care of client needs to training new Home Watch owners, she is a wealth of knowledge in the industry. In this month’s blog, we’ll briefly introduce you to two new Home Watch associates and explore the process of becoming a Home Watch business owner. Next month we’ll interview Doris and talk about why she chose Home Watch, what she loves about the business and more.

In December 2021, Doris ran a National Home Watch Association (NHWA) training and worked with two brand new business owners. People come from various backgrounds to start their Home Watch businesses and Doris’ diverse background and knowledge helps transitioning from current industries and into Home Watch. In this month’s program she worked with Eric Butler and Shari Kramer. Both people come from different backgrounds, Eric is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Business Management and Finance, working in commercial and residential real estate.

Shari’s extensive experience in the luxury hospitality and events industries propelled her to launch a new company with her partner, The Opal Group, a Lifestyle Concierge & Home Management Company. Their company is an accredited, insured and bonded luxury lifestyle concierge and home management company that offers bespoke services and indispensable professional assistance to discerning clients throughout South Florida and beyond.

During the intensive and immersive 2-day certification and Boot Camp Doris covers curriculum to include the actual hands-on training. Once completed, these new companies will be accredited, bonded, insured and will have passed the NHWA professional certification exam. So, what exactly does that mean and how is important to a Home Watch business?

All National Home Watch Association Members (NHWA) have gone through everything from criminal background checks and consumer complaint review to regular checks on business licensing and website legitimacy, the NHWA verifies every single member and stands behind their services.

Without the proper training, people don’t know what to look for…a keen eye, sense of smell and ability to realize something is just a little off are some of the attributes of a professional home watcher but they also need formal training to identify other things like those mentioned above.

So why did Eric and Shari decide to start a Home Watch business and attend the Boot Camp/Training? For Eric, realizing that he was self-taught, he wanted to educate himself properly via the NHWA official program. Eric hoped to learn important details about business processes and strategy in the industry and was excited to learn that there is a huge organization that could fill in the missing pieces. Similarly, Shari and her business partner also believe in proper education and understand that “we don’t know what we don’t know”, so they sought out membership in the NHWA and decided that completing Home Watch Boot Camp was a must. Both individuals went this route in order to provide the BEST service to their clients.

As mentioned above NWHA standards are high, as are existing business owners so keeping in line with those values is important to every single person involved and lets clients know that their Home Watch caregivers’ goal is to provide that service.

Contact us today to learn more about Home Watch and how we can help keep your home safe while you’re away.

Written by Doris Fink

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